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Pattaya is famed the world over as a beach resort in Thailand and enjoys huge popularity with visitors to Thailand as well as national travellers too who are looking to escape to the coast. Less well known is Pattaya as a destination for golfers; great golf courses bring golf players to Pattaya too. Although there are a lot of distractions, a great game can be had on any of numerous golf courses in pattaya.

As it is so easy to commute to Bangkok from Pattaya, it is a perfect destination for golfers wanting to take in a few courses when based in Bangkok. Located on the Gulf of Thailand, Pattaya is just 140km south-east of Bangkok. Thailand Golf Tours can arrange for a golf tour to Pattaya as part of a dedicated golfing holiday or even just for an addition to your existing plans when on business or holiday in Thailand. We plan each and every tour around your particular interests and are always delighted to help.