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Known the world over as a thriving metropolis of wonder, delight, adventure and commerce, Bangkok is all this and so much more. Thailand’s capital, Bangkok is a city full of contrast, where old meets new and the traditional ways sill permeate the bustling modern pace of life. Thailand has long been known as a golfer’s paradise; boasting quality golf courses through the four regions, beautiful backdrops, warm hospitality, the breadth of the culture and the subtleties of the cuisine, the reasons for playing golf in Thailand are impressive! Bangkok is at the heart of Thailand, with some of the finest golf courses the country has to offer. The ease of access to other regions for those looking for more variety in their golf game makes Bangkok the epicentre of Thai golf.
Bangkok is a truly cosmopolitan city of more than 10 million people, with a hugely successful tourist industry and yet, the beautifully preserved cultural identity has been protected and carried through each generation. Visitors to Thailand who come for the golf, can’t help but be distracted by the wonders of Thailand’s tropical landscapes, temples, art, traditions, icons and architecture.

When you’re off the golf course, Bangkok offers a wealth of other pleasures, not least of all is the choice of dining experience; those with a passion for Thai food, will be spoilt for choice. Shopping too is a well catered for activity with chic city outlets as well as bustling local markets selling an abundance of varied merchandise, fashions, produce and local goods.

Taking time to explore Bangkok is a pleasure not to be missed, even for those primarily focused on golfing whilst in Thailand. The majestic temples, iconic tuk-tuks, modern hotels, world famous nightlife and of course exceptional golfing facilities; Bangkok offers so much pleasure and it always does it with a smile.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us to begin your Bangkok golf adventure today.

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