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“They say golf is like life, but don’t believe them.  Golf is more complicated than that.” -Gardner Dickinson

When you decide to play golf in Thailand, choose Thailand Golf Tours for a one-off lesson, half-day tuition, 18 holes or a full holiday, packed with everything golf-related. Whether you are looking to visit Thailand for a few days, a week or more, the choice of how you include the pleasure of playing golf is all yours.

Golf amidst stunning scenery…

Thailand’s golf courses are famed for their picturesque settings amidst glorious scenery as well as the warm hospitality that accompanies every game; so not only will the golf be great but so will everything else. At Thailand Golf Tours we understand your passion for golf and combine that with our expert knowledge of Thailand, to create ideal golfing holidays. You can of course join a golf tour on your own or as part of a group and we will be delighted to arrange everything for you – from the accommodation and dining, to the golf lessons and rounds of golf. We can even arrange other tours of Thailand’s many attractions to be included in order to cater for others you are travelling with, who may be non-golfers.

Thailand Golf Tours has established a range of golfing holidays that could include visits to a variety of golf courses throughout Thailand or even incorporate lessons and practice with experts. For golfers looking to improve their game, we favour the Bangkok Golf Club because of its location, outstanding facilities and the standard of the teaching.

Golf here in Thailand has been around since the 1920’s and although that makes it a fairly recent addition, Thailand has taken to the pursuit with a passion and enthusiasm reflected in the quality and number of golf courses here. Golf was first played at the distinguished old Royal Hua Hin golf course and in those early days, was considered a royal pleasure; enjoyed by the then King and the aristocracy of the day. Today, Thailand’s golf courses play host to a number of international tournaments, both amateur and professional and are known across the world for their exceptional quality and standards.

Let us take you on a wonderful golfing adventure – for an afternoon, a week or even longer. Whether you want to include visits to local temples, visitor attractions, historic sites and natural wonders whilst visiting Thailand or simply get straight to the all-important golf, Thailand Golf Tours is here to help create the package that is right for you.

“My body is here, but my mind has already teed off.” -Author Unknown